About Us


Fitness and health has always been a passion for me. As single mother of two, teacher, and fitness trainer, I began training others in my driveway. That driveway mentality remains embedded: ambitious, humbled, authentic


CONFIDENCE:  Feeling confident starts as soon as you get dressed in the morning. Putting on that outfit that enhances your physique and makes you feel badass, will enable men and women to walk into any room and exude confidence. The most beautiful thing we can wear is confidence. 

EMPOWERMENT:  This brand is uniting communities because when we come together as one and build each other up, we all win. With a greater sense of belonging to a community, we discover our own unique strengths and gifts. This allows everyone a better chance to reach their potential. 

POSITIVITY: Positive energy is contagious and I'm paying it forward. Motivating others and providing them with positive energy gives them the boost they need to keep pushing forward. 


Build for durability

Hold high standards

Operate ethically with integrity

Strive to improve

Be a force for good